How Common is Hair Loss in Birmingham?

How Common is Hair Loss in Birmingham?

Hair loss is a common problem regardless of age and gender. It could occur genetically or it could indicate something related to one’s health. It worries people not just because of the health issues that may be associated with it, but also with the contribution of hair to the appearance.

There are a lot of solutions offered for hair loss. Various types of hair oil, hair spray, hair gels, and hair treatment creams are being sold in the market. Yet one most effective way is hair transplant. Also called hair implantation or hair restoration, this is obviously a process of undergoing surgery to have the lost hair back. This is possible because of the transplant of new follicles onto the head’s balding parts that occurs in surgery. There are 2 types of hair transplant.

One is called follicular unit strip surgery and follicular unit extraction or FUSS and FUE respectively. There’s not much difference between the two. FUSS involves removing a strip of one’s scalp and FUE is about shaving the beck of the scalp. After those preliminary procedures, the rest of the surgery steps will be the same for the two methods. Where is hair transplant available? Across the globe, there are a lot of specialists of hair treatments. Whether in Asia, Europe, or wherever, there is a hair transplant clinic in birmingham always available within rich. What is the cost of hair transplants?

Hair transplants prices may vary. There is no specified price for this procedure. For example, in US, a price range of $4000 – $15000 is what one needs if they are opting in having hair transplants. However, hair transplant cost in Birmingham may be different. Differences in price may also differ on different hair transplant clinics. One clinic in Birmingham offers a price around £6000. There are also some clinics who gives payment like “for as low as £42 per month”.

As much as every doctor wanted to, not everyone could have hair transplant. If one is completely bald, he cannot undergo into the procedure. A hair transplant patient should have a healthy growing hair at the sides and back of his head. It usually takes three months before the hair starts growing in the area of surgery. So if one can’t wait for this time duration, don’t do hair transplant. Also, allergies like allergies of medicines or anesthesia should never undergo in this procedure.

This surgery uses anaesthesia and if the patient’s body has serious reaction towards it, hair transplant should never be considered. This is why a complete knowledge on the procedure of hair restoration is very important. Conclusion Since there are no specific price for hair transplant, going directly to a nearby clinic is enough to give an idea of a possible price.

Keep in mind that this procedure, hair restoration is not covered by most of the insurances. But it is not impossible to have it covered by the patients insurance. The invention of hair transplant brought hopes to hair loss victims. However, nothing is perfect so everyone must be mindful of its effects. It is most important to visit a doctor or do a research. Understanding well of the procedure will help in deciding whether a hair transplant is possible or not.

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